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....albiet very minimal as far as rigging goes, and some of the blendshapes are just plain broken. (eyebrows mostly)

Being my first model and rig, im stickin to just blendshapes for face control.  Maybe I'll go for a hybrid joint/blendshape next time?  Skeleton rigging can be complex as all hell.

Textures are placeholder.  Technically its not textured at all yet, just colored polygons.  Hopefully Ill figure out how to unwrap the thing for a proper UV.  Eyes are also Temporary...ish.  
Just...a LOT of this is all temporary.  I'm still getting used to it all.
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You know that Lynda site a lot of YouTubers are being sponsored by lately?   Turns out its actually pretty nice...

Managed to watch one course and work this out in one day after having virtually no experience modeling.  I've animated in Maya, but this is the first ....relatively cool thing Ive made.  

Recognize the character?  (still missing some features)

9fe3027219[1] by Nutrafin
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Been pretty dull around my parts for a bit.  Just taking it pretty slow as of late, but still randomly working on stuff here and there.  

You may or may not have seen some brief shots of that "memories" video I was working on.  Its mostly done, except for some filler animations in the background, which I just haven't really figured out what they will be yet... but its still around somewhere, to be completed "someday".

But I've also been working on a second thing, toying with Octavia walking around on 2 feet.

Shes still not running around, but its lookin better

She asplodes, too.

Just a test to show what the green screens are for.

So anyways, I say this a lot, but I hope I can actually finish these soon...ish.  I really, really want them done, too.
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OK so I'm well aware that people hate using the eyebrows... and I even said they are hard as balls to use.  Im no master at making those things.

BUT... I need to know if anyone actually likes what they CAN do and what they COULD look like if used.

I'd like at least some opinion before I work on them for another 2 minutes of the video.

Try not to immediately focus DIRECTLY on them for at least the first playthrough and analyze ever little flaw in them, (that may be hard after seeing the thumbnail below) but look at the video as a whole, if they distract or whatever... 

I get to ramble on for a bit!

Like the title says:

Thanks for everyone's support and giving me a watch here on deviantArt or a subscribe on YouTube.  Its been about one year since I started watching ponies and contributing random SFM pony things here and there. 
  (Smile! Smile! Smile!  Smile! Smile! Smile! [SFM Ponies] by Nutrafin   being my first pony video, anniversary next month!)  I haven't released any MAJOR videos like that since.  Takes a lot of work and I'm still surprised I did that in a month.  I do, however, have a similar video nearly finished.  I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.  you can dig around and find a rather old WIP of it in my gallery somewhere.

No solid release date.  Its had its issues.

In the meantime... Here's another WIP teaser to look at what I'm toying around with right now.

*VERY MUCH* a work in progress.

"A dirty behind the scenes teaser look at an upcoming video. Lots of stuff is broken, nothing final. Lights mostly temporary so I can kind of see how its turning out so far. 
All one shot, no 'blades'. (if you use sfm, you should know what that means) Though that will probably have to change when I start adding lots of shadow enabled lights.
The Floaty turquoise camera thing around Twilight represents the actual camera angle."
Confused?  Good.  Then its not completely spoiled unless you saw it on twitter a while ago.
If you look at my previous journal, it has a small tidbit from the real camera angle, along with a full poster render.

Also, whoever has wished me happy b-day, I tossed a llama your way.  I also started always sending a llama back whenever I receive one.  So If you didn't get one from me recently, I probably gave you one earlier.  

So... I can't think of anything else to say other than Thanks again everyone, I look forward to another year of poneh. 

I really like Lyra Pimpstrings if you can't tell.

when I have to render this at 1080p...

 this is at 640 x 360, 15 frames a second, and most of the lowest settings while still retaining all of the progressive refinement enabled.. still took 25 minutes...

cant wait to add particles and more wheat....
Wheat Poster by Nutrafin

If you hadn't already figured it out, im finally making a video thats taking considerable effort compared to a few of my latest...

I "Might" have some new "special" models?  Not sure yet...Have to wait and see...

Other than that... still haven't animated a damn thing other than the scene.  Its one 2 and a half minute shot, no cuts.  Though i may have to soon.  Im hitting the max shadow lights per shot...

Because why not.  

I'm going to bed.

...that i will probably fail at completing properly.
Edit: I think I got a c-!   Pony Eyebrows Download

When I first started using the pony models, I've been pretty unhappy that there were no "proper" eyebrows.  

After Countless failures at getting maya to work with valve plugins, I finally tried 3DS, and it got a useable prop into source with literally 2 mouse clicks...  I slapped myself a few times after finding this out, wondering what the hell have I been doing.

So onto a bit more complex things than a single box, I've got this so far... seeing if I can improve it and make it work better...  Its just an small, additional model locked to the head that has a few flex animations.

but yeah... Eyebrows are a MAJOR part of telling the mood of a face and can add a lot.

Oh yea..  Beheaded Rainbowdash

And one more thing, if anyone has a good example chart of cartoon eyebrows that work with the ponies or just wants to draw out a few sketches of basic shapes they should be in, it would help in figuring out what is missing.
Been quiet for a few days but I'm still workin on ..stuff.  I'm just not supposed to be showing it yet...  

Once that date comes I might start getting into making things a bit more here and there.  I dunno.  A lot has come up lately to keep me busy outside of pony, so we'll see.

Until then, have some brutal Applejack to scare you this halloween. 


Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what would be some simple, short animations that could be put into more gifs for the other 4, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity.

Short clips that actually fit the characters similar to how   Pinkie Party by Nutrafin fits pinkie and  Sonic Rainboom by Nutrafinfits Rainbow Dash.  

I've thought of some but mostly they seem to simple....

 Twilight using magic on something?  Rarity jumping on her drama couch? (does a model for that exist?)

Anyways.... just kinda tryin to kill some time....

Nothing too important to write...  Just that I'm pretty sure I'm about to have some intense nightmares from fixing the hair in my true friend project....  Fluttershy in particular......  whyyyyyyyyy.... 6 bones in your tail alone..... and 7 Jiggle bones on your head.....   
Been browsing DA for a few years now, but just now updating my profile and adding a few things.  I mostly just make videos, but we'll see what ends up on my profile/gallery.